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CactusBee CactusBee 22 November 2020

Changes to Wiki UI

Hey travelers! As regular editors have probably noticed, we got updated to the new fandom wiki user interface a few weeks ago. I know it's been something of a learning curve for all of us, but now that the dust has settled I wanted to quickly remind folks that if you're disoriented or stuck, or a new editor learning this version for the first time, you can contact your admins or join the editors' Discord to chat about what's what!

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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 13 May 2020

Welcoming New Admin - CactusBee

Hello, travelers! I sincerely apologize for the radio silence on my end--I've been caught up in a whirlwind of college and work, which means that, unfortunately, the wiki has been largely neglected. After some discussion with those who have been active in editing and keeping this wiki up to date, I have decided to add Cactusbee as an administrator of the wiki! Cactusbee (they/them) has been incredibly helpful over the course of the last few months in making sure that the information on pages is accurate and up to date, as well as willing to learn about maintaining the wiki.

We hope that you welcome them to the Penumbra Podcast Wiki admin team! Thank you for sticking with us, and we hope you are all staying safe and healthy at home.

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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 6 October 2019

Season 3 Incoming!

Hello, travelers! As you may or may not know, the premier of The Penumbra Podcast Season 3 is quickly approaching us! Aghhhh!

The crew of the Penumbra Podcast are currently doing a Patreon drive, releasing neat rewards for each goal met. Right now, they've teased the current poster of the first episode of Season 3 -- Juno Steel and the Man in Glass. The preview image can be found below!

In preparation for the season, I have updated the wiki with the page for Season 3, as well as a template for the navbox at the bottom of episodes for you to use! I will also be updating the Juno Steel and Second Citadel episode navboxes tonight, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Again, feel free to approach me with regards to any questions on editing the wiki …

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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 26 April 2019

Reminder About Wiki Formatting

Hello Travelers! Thank you all so far for contributing to the Penumbra Podcast Wiki, your help has been greatly appreciated! Although I haven't had much time for editing, myself, due to academics, I am always here to help new editors and provide guidance for others. Additionally, our Discord chat is always open to new editors and contributors, so if you want to drop in and say hi or ask a question, feel free to join!

Most importantly, with more people helping edit the Wiki, we would like to remind people of our Manual of Style, which outlines the general guidelines as to how to edit specific pages on the wiki as well as general editing tips to keep the pages consistent. We would appreciate it if editors could familiarize themselves with the…

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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 31 August 2018

To Do List - September 2018

Hello, travelers! Sorry for the lack of activity on my part, I've been very busy with college and work-related issues. For those of you who do contribute, thank you so much for helping to improve The Penumbra Podcast Wiki. In a small fanbase, especially for podcasts, it's difficult to get people to contribute in projects such as this one. Your edits and contributions help further build and expand this community into an informative and friendly environment! That being said, due to the general lack of editors on The Penumbra Podcast Wiki, I've decided to make these to-do lists a bi-monthly thing, as opposed to monthly. Thus, the next to-do list will come out October, and then the next one in December. If anyone has any issues with this, pleas…

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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 1 August 2018

To Do List - August 2018

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for helping out with The Penumbra Podcast wiki so far! Your edits and contributions help further build and expand this community into an informative and friendly environment! As with last month, here's August's to-do list regarding some things that have to be done on the wiki!

First, as mentioned in the previous blog post, we now have a Manual of Style! Please refer to this page when creating/editing any new articles! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • As before, we need the stub articles ( to be expanded upon and new articles to be made. Articles should contain as much information as possible, barring headcanons and non-official information. Sm…
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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 10 July 2018

We Need Fanart! And New Features

Exciting news! We've added a few cool features to The Penumbra Podcast Wiki!

First off, we've added a template for neater galleries--CharacterTab. In order to use this, one must make a new page called "[CHARACTER NAME] - Gallery". Then, add the template to both the character main page and the gallery page. The template should then link to both the gallery and the main page. For a full explaination, please refer to the Manual of Style.

Because we now have formal galleries, we will be allowing submissions of fan art! Please be sure to credit the artist in the caption of the image when adding it to the gallery. We take our art around here seriously, guys. Be cool and respect the artist!

Second, we've added achievements! These are awarded based on…

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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 30 June 2018

To Do List - July 2018

Hello! As July approaches, I think it's a good time to start to get things organized and see what work there needs to be done for the Penumbra Podcast Wiki. This is not an exhaustive list by any means! This is just a way to keep track of what needs to be worked on.

  • As always, we need the stub articles to be expanded upon. Please refer to Juno Steel's page as a general template for other characters. Obviously, the articles do not need to be as extensive as his.
    • When creating a new character page, please use the "Character" infobox template as opposed to the "infobox-character" template. The "Character" template is much more extensive and more suited to our needs.
    • Add a quote to most articles.
    • Expand Ramses O'Flaherty's page to include history o…
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DaisukeJigen DaisukeJigen 28 June 2018

Admin Rights - Wiki Adoption

Greetings, fellow travelers. My name is Everett, and I have been listening to The Penumbra Podcast for many months. I have been making regular edits to The Penumbra Podcast Wiki, as I have noticed that many of the articles are lacking in information and many articles have not even been created yet. As I continued to work and add to the pages, I became frustrated with the lack of standard templates and organization found in a fandom wiki. Thus, I decided to try to seek out the admin, only to find out that the last edit that they've posted was back in 2017.

Given that the only admin for this wiki is inactive, I am going to submit an application to adopt this wiki as an administrator. I am hoping that the request is returned quickly. If anyone…

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