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Ingrid Lake is Valles Vicky's ex-girlfriend.

Recently out of prison and author of the best-selling book, Repentance, Redemption, and How to Dress for It. Exceedingly glamorous and beautiful; the Old Hollywood type. Delusional, possessive, and dangerous to know.

Early Life[]

About 20 years ago Ingrid and Vicky used to be outlaws. They came up with the idea of the Vixen Valley, the smuggling front and the high-class lounge, together and for a while it was their big dream. When Ingrid killed an elder woman while robbing her Vicky felt like the money was "poisoned". When the HCPD asked her if she knew anything she reported what Ingrid had done. Her only regret is that she did not say goodbye to her former lover, though she does not regret calling the cops on her.


After spending several years in Hoosegow, Ingrid managed to acquire celebrity status, writing a book about her time in prison. She was eventually pardoned and released. She had Tod, an employer of Vicky, steal the stolen art from Outer Rim Vicky was selling, probably to lure Vicky to the Gala Party for the publication of Ingrid's book. There she set an ultimatum, asking Vicky to leave her family for her or die with her at midnight. Juno, who happens to be with Vicky has to solve the situation. She is eventually arrested by Omar Khan.


Ingrid puts on a friendly and innocent facade but is deeply obsessed with Vicky, to a point where she would rather have her die than not being with her.

Episode Appearances[]

Episodes Featuring Ingrid Lake
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