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Juno Steel and What Lies Beyond (Part 3) is an episode of Juno Steel. It is the 13th Juno Steel episode of season 3, and the 25th overall. It was released March 18, 2021 and was the final episode of Season 3.


In which the world gets a little bigger, a little meaner.

Trigger Warnings[]

  • Sudden loud noises
  • Threats of violence and death
  • Attempted murder
  • Forced restraint/hostage situation
  • Deception, lies
  • Situations that may resemble cruelty to animals

Episode Summary[]

Juno, Rita, Buddy, Vespa and Jet try to get away from Dark Matters who have cornered the Carte Blanche. They have Director W with them who has become their captive.

When they reach the garage the Ruby Seven is nowhere to be found and Juno starts to suspect that Peter took the car to get away. Buddy reminds him and everyone of the agreement they made during their first week as a family, that says if they need to get away everyone has to make sure that they get away, so they can help out those who get captured.

Rita uses Sasha to procure a getaway car. Juno and the others go to pack their stuff and Juno checks Peter’s room and finds it empty.

When everyone meets up again Buddy and Vespa are missing, and the coms are blocked. Rita goes to reactivate them but is captured as well. Jet and Juno hear an announcement by Dark Matters saying that they have captured them and want the Curemother Prime.

Jet and Juno come up with plan, hoping to get away with Buddy and safe the others later. However, they fail, because Sasha betrays them and tries to shoot Juno. Jet convinces Juno that him getting away is their only chance and tells Juno to trust that the Ruby Seven will be there for him to ensure his getaway. Juno climbs into the airlock that seems empty at first, pondering over his feelings for Nureyev and his view of life in general as someone approaches from behind, who turns out to be the shapeshifted form of the Ruby, that apprently shrunk itself to hide, offering Juno a getaway and help in saving their family. And though Juno feels a longing to find Nureyev he sets a course for Io, to get help with freeing his family first.

Cast and Crew[]




Buddy: Loyalty is the key difference between a collection of criminals and an effective crime family. The trouble is that “loyalty” isn’t a terribly precise word; for one thing, it needs a subject. Other bosses you’ve met may have insisted that they are the subject of loyalty, that their followers must protect them at all costs. But not here. In this family, you are not loyal to me. You are loyal to us — this collection of six individuals, plus the aim we all share.

Buddy: For if all six of us are caught, none of us has a chance at freedom. If even one escapes, hope still lives for all.
JET:: In its earliest form, close to three hundred years ago, Dark Matters was a band of pirates. As small as our own, to start. But not for long.
RITA: Pirates?! Really?! Hey, waitaminute!! If you’re all pirates too, how come you get to bully us? What happened to honor among thieves and all that stuff?
SASHA: We aren’t thieves anymore.
JET: In the sense that your theft is no longer illegal, yes. But that is always how Dark Matters has kept their tech so advanced: they steal it from corners of the galaxy too far apart to communicate with one another, then enlist or destroy the creator to ensure nobody else has it.
JUNO: . One of the hardest things about trying to change is bumping up against those places where you really, honestly can’t, no matter what you do. So here I am, half-asleep, thinking about Nureyev, Sasha, Mick... hell, I have no idea what Mercury’s gonna think of all this. And maybe I really am wrong, and maybe I’ve just lost Sasha for good and maybe that means I’ve lost Mick, too, and I can’t believe I’m here but the fact is that I feel... homesick. But what the hell are you supposed to do when the thing you’re homesick for isn’t a place — it’s a time?

AGENT: We have taken three captives from your criminal team, self-identified as “Vespa Ilkay,” “Buddy Aurinko,” and “Getcha Handsoffme.”

JUNO: I’m covered in bits of the Curemother Prime, thick yellow mucous in gory splats. I only have a second to look up before the big guy slams the door to the garage shut, but in that second I see Sasha. She’s... she’s shaking. And for some reason the only thing I can think about is the way she’s holding her gun, because she and I learned that grip together, side-by-side in the Hyperion City Police Academy. And she’s... she’s still doing it wrong. She’s got the thumb of her trigger-hand tucked underneath her other thumb instead of resting on top. But I...... I taught her not to do that. Shooting was the only thing I consistently did better than her in, and it drove her nuts, so one night I took her to one of my old haunts in Oldtown and set up some cans and I showed her... I ribbed her, and pushed her fingers into place, and I showed her the right form, and...
JET: I have been thinking of Ransom. I know that he is our family. I know that he would come for us. And I know, too, that he is solitary, and overconfident, and alone he could only fail. And I have been thinking of the Ruby 7, Juno. I have been thinking that there is much more to it than we understand. But I know, too, that it is our family, and if there is any possible way it can be here for us, it is, and it is within this airlock now.
JUNO: No. No, you know what makes me feel sick? It’s him. It’s the fact that he’s gone. Again. That I’m alone, again. And I’m this close, I swear, I am this close to writing Peter Nureyev off forever... when I feel someone tap me on the shoulder, and the relief is so intense that I know there isno writing him off, not ever again. Because no matter how angry I am... I still trust him. Like the big guy said: if there was any possible way for him to be here, he would be. I believe in him because he’s earned it... and because it changes the world to believe in someone. Just a little.I would tell Peter Nureyev all that... if he had been the person standing behind me.


  • In the preview of the audio commentary Sophie mentions that the Ruby might have tiny hands.