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Juno Steel and the Heart of It All (Part 2) is an episode of Juno Steel. It is the 10th Juno Steel episode of season 3, and the 18th overall. It was released October 13th, 2020.


A legend can only die when the stories surrounding it stop being told. But a life, even one that generates legends in its time... a life is very, very fragile. Which is worth saving, then? A legend that will go on for ages... or a life, fleeting and delicate and precious?

Trigger Warnings[]

  • Alcoholism
  • Addiction reference
  • Body horror
  • Chronic illness
  • Depictions of violence
  • Sudden loud noises
  • Vomit

Episode Summary[]

While her family is on their big heist Buddy trieds to hide her life-threatening condition from them. At the site of the crime Vespa is suspicious of Peter, who is behaving more awkward than usually while Juno is solving the case of the cure mother prime facility.

They manage to steal the cure mother prime, Buddy eventually becomes clean to Vespa about her contition, but her fiancée revelas that she already knew it (since she is a doctor), but respected Buddy enought to wait for her to talk about it. This experience further deepens their relationship and they decide to get married on the ship.

Cast and Crew[]




JUNO:: I'm just saying, it's really convenient that the person making the plans "planned" herself right into champagne and armchairs. When the hell has she ever risked herself on any of these jobs?
NUREYEV:: Three days ago, love.
JUNO:: Well, okay, sure, fine, but before that?
NUREYEV:: Last week, dear.
JUNO:: Well I mean when you say it like that--
VESPA:: Bud, I'm gonna need a good reason not to chop up this ungrateful little punk within the next three seconds, because right now that sounds really, really tempting.

(GRUNTS) ... Buddy?

VESPA:: It’ll take a while to get you to them. And if they can’t do it, we’ll find someone who isn’t a moron. Cybernetics are getting more advanced every year, Bud — if you were gonna have heart problems, now’s honestly a decent time to have them. That’s why I kept telling you I don’t care if we settle down when we retire. Because I figured this is what we’d do, at least for a while. And even if I didn't know about your heart... I don't know. This was never gonna be a normal marriage. Would've driven ourselves nuts if we tried it. I'm already planning to keep learning things about you until the day we die.
BUDDY:: That could be soon.
VESPA:: Then I guess you don't have to stay a mystery very long, do you?


BUDDY:: Vespa... thank you.
VESPA:: Don't. I'm not marrying you as a favor. This is for me, too.
BUDDY:: And oh, do we need it. As soon as possible. Love... what would you say to making "as soon as possible" even sooner?