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Juno Steel and the Shadows on the Ship (Part 1) is an episode of the Juno Steel series. It is the 5th Juno Steel episode of season 3, and 9th overall. It was released March 10, 2020.


Vespa Ilkay's best days are behind her.

It doesn't matter if this statement is actually true; she has convinced herself that it is. Whenever Vespa looks at herself today all she can see is the woman she used to be: a galaxy-class doctor and assassin. A legend.

It doesn't matter if Vespa ever was a legend, or if she really has fallen as far as she thinks she has. She has made her decision, and tomorrow, she will act on it. Although that may not matter, either.

Because if the visitor in the night has their way, tomorrow will never come.

Trigger Warnings[]

  • Death and physical injury
  • Claustrophobic spaces
  • Sudden loudnoises
  • Kidnapping and incarceration
  • Use of drugs/sedatives
  • Deception and gaslighting
  • Depiction of mental illness
  • Depiction of hallucinations
  • Implied abusive parent
  • Misgendering
  • Deadnaming

Episode Summary[]

Vespa Ilkay is struggling with her visual and auditory hallucinations while the Aurinkos discuss an accident during their last heist that gave Peter Ransom a broken leg. Vespa's hallucinations and self-doubts cause her to question her desire to be a member of this family.

When an unknown intruder takes out the crew one by one, Vespa is put under even more distress.

Cast and Crew[]





VESPA (NARRATOR): "Vespa’s condition is not relevant.“ It’s the first time I’ve heard Buddy say that. So how many times has she said it behind my back? How many times have I been talking to a wall for twenty minutes, everyone too embarrassed to tell me, and then when I leave, Bud can finally say, “Vespa’s condition is not relevant.”
VESPA (NARRATOR): The hardest thing about “visual and auditory hallucinations,” like the medical handbook calls them, isn’t when you hallucinate a thousand spiders climbing out of the bathtub drain. It’s when the spiders are actually there — and you’re letting them crawl all over you cuz you think they’re just in your head.


  • In this episode it is mentioned that Jet and Rita were watching a stream documentary called Conspiracy Files 9: The Human Terrarium, which, according to Juno is "this dumb documentary series Rita likes. In the first half of each doc they go deep into a conspiracy theory, and in the second half they debunk it.". Jet explains that he and Rita did not watch the second half, since Rita said it was "very boring". Jet also mentions and quotes from another episode called Conspiracy Files 13: ESP and Psychic Force Are Definitely Real.