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Characters with small roles who will likely never appear again in the podcast.

Juno Steel[]

Dr. Lillian Strauss[]

Dr. Lillian Strauss was a scientist working for Saffron Pharmaceuticals. She was assigned to research the Martian Pill and was killed by Miasma.

Madam Rossignol[]

Madam Rossignol was a high-ranking official on Brahma who lived in the floating city of New Kinshasa. She attempted to sell similar technology to that of the floating city to officials from Akna, Mag and Peter Ransom. She was voiced by Sophie Takagi Kaner.


Bosco was security personnel for Babbling Brook Realty who worked with The Piranha. He had a fondness for Pippa and refused to kill her. He also suffered from insomnia. He was voiced by Kevin Vibert.

Dr. Munrovian[]

Dr. Munrovian was a designer pets dealer working for The Piranha. He made a cat identical to Pippa and surgically implanted a bomb in it. He was voiced by Noah Simes.


Anemone was the name both Juno Steel and Omar Khan gave to a member of Pilot Pereyra's gang. They were voiced by Kate Jones.

Miranda Fairbanks[]

Miranda Fairbanks was the creator of Northstar Entertainment. She was deceased by the time the Questions Unanswered episode about Jack Takano was produced, but the actor who read her quotes was played by Allison Choat.

Jocelyn Chen[]

Jocelyn Chen was the Head of Animation at Northstar Entertainment when Jack Takano worked there, and she and Jack had a public falling out. Jack later apologized to Jocelyn. She was voiced by Melissa Barker.

Hawk Hackett[]

Hawk Hackett narrated a twenty part series called Questions Unanswered: Where is Jack Takano? as well as Questions Unanswered: What Happened to Oldtown? Voiced by Marge Dunn.

Anthony DiMaggio[]

Anthony Dimaggio was a pharmaceutical executive at Saffron Pharmaceuticals and the husband of Julian DiMaggio. He was killed by an associate of Miasma in an attempt to learn more about the Martian pill being developed at Saffron.

Second Citadel[]

Brother Hengist and Sister Horsa[]

Brother Hengist and Sister Horsa were the duel mayors of Ballast. They believe strongly in curses. They shunned Vivian along with the rest of Ballast. They were both voiced by Kate Jones.


Pierre was a man from The Southern Frosts who was not fond of Sir Angelo, or anyone from The Northern Wilds, for that matter. He was voiced by Stewart Evan Smith.

The Abbess[]

The Abbess was the leader of the nuns of The Garden of Graves, a convent of witches who cared for the Everdead trees, and raised Olala. She honed her hands until they could cut as well as blades. She was voiced by Allison Choat.


Jack-of-Shadows was the last shadowshifter: a race of demons who eat human children and are burned by the light. He was arrested by Sir Caroline and imprisoned in the Royal Archives alongside the other shapeshifters she found while searching for Olala. He made a deal with Olala that he would open two doors for her in exchange for his freedom. Quanyii warned Olala not to complete the deal, as he would then kill her. Olala accidentally allowed Jack to open a second door for her anyway, and Quanyii fought off Jack to give her an opportunity to escape. Quanyii began to lose the fight, and so retreated once Olala was out of sight and went to her wife Sir Caroline for help. Meanwhile, Jack shapeshifted into Quanyii in order to lure Olala out and eat her but was disgusted to learn she was not a fully human child. Before he could harm her further, Sir Caroline and Quanyii arrived back on the scene, and together they successfully slew Jack, ending the species of shadowshifters. He was voiced by Stewart Evan Smith.

Augustus of Ingenue[]

Ingenue is an employee of Sir Pellinore who was accosted by Olala when she and her group were looking for his employer. He is very full of himself. He is voiced by Lydian Melocarro.


Another employee of Sir Pellinore's, older and unappreciated by his coworker Ingenue. Caroline, Ale, and Quanyii knock him unconscious in their frustration with him. He is voiced by Glen Moore.

Sir Pellinore[]

Sir Pellinore is a retired Knight of the Crown who has taken to hoarding magic items from the Wayward East in his old age. His use of the Truesight crystal in his paranoia has been of extreme deficit to his health. He is voiced by Bob Musset.

The Book Thief[]

The Book Thief is a human from The Wayward East who lives in a city inhabited mostly by monsters, and apparently, steals books. He is voiced by Stewart Evan Smith.



Lily appeared in Home. She suffers from nightmares that cause her frequent anxiety and has a fear of monsters that live in the dark. She was voiced by Kate Jones.


Jacob is Lily's brother, and also appears in Home. He was voiced by Joshua Ilon.


Jacob and Lily's father in Home. He was voiced by Noah Simes.


Jacob and Lily's mother in Home. She was voiced by Kat Buckingham.

Sheriff Beau Richmond[]

Beau Richmond appeared in The Coyote of the Painted Plains. He was engaged to Mary Anne, and was on his way to Crossroads to pursue a sheriff career when the train was hijacked. When Mary Anne is kidnapped, he follows her but is unsuccessful in getting her back. At the end of the episode, he has presumably continued to Crossroads by himself. Beau Richmond was voiced by Dan Squizzero.

Joe Nix[]

Joe Nix appeared in The Coyote of the Painted Plains. He is a former friend of Chance Sequoyah, who was hired by Beau Richmond to track down Mary Anne. Nix holds a grudge against Chance, and wants to exact revenge in a shootout. However, he is eventually shot twice and dies. Joe Nix was voiced by Elliott Sicard.


Tobias is a boy who has been adopted by and lives with Chance Sequoyah. Mary Anne leaves him in charge while she leaves the house to find Chance after one of the other children is kidnapped. Tobias was voiced by Noah Simes.

The Conductor[]

The Conductor works on the train that crosses the Painted Plains. He was voiced by Noah Simes.

George Willis[]

George Willis works in the sheriff's office in Crossroads and meets Mary Anne on the train. He was voiced by Noah Simes.


Billy is a boy who lives with Chance. He was kidnapped by Joe Nix in an attempt to get Chance to duel.

Louise Serling[]

Louise Sterling appears in Shaken. She is a talented painter who hopes not to follow the downfall of her mother (a sculptor) as she slowly begins to be unable to control the shaking in her hands and the rest of her body. She was voiced by Sophie Takagi Kaner.


John is the fiance of Louise Serling, very devoted to her and supportive of her art. He was voiced by Noah Simes.

Mr. Serling[]

The father of Louise Serling. He was voiced by Joshua Ilon.

Mr. Gibson[]

Mr. Gibson runs the Gibson Gallery where Louise Serling's exhibit is set to open. He calls her to threaten that her paintings must be at the gallery by 7AM the next day or she'll lose the slot. He was voiced by Dan Squizzero.

Dr. Collins[]

Dr. Collins performed a postmortem for Louise Serling. He was voiced by Dan Squizzero.