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Lorenzo Vega is the head of Research and Development (also known as Resmirks and Developgrins) at Polaris Park and used to be on the executive board for Northstar Entertainment. He created Andromeda and the Dragon's Peak and regards it as his "baby." He was born without legs and uses robotic prosthetics.



Engineering genius and general misanthrope who sees himself as having a cold, biting wit, but often speaks completely incoherently in his attempt to manufacture jabs and insults. In his sixties or seventies, very terse, and carries himself with more confidence than he probably should.


Jack Takano[]

Jack and Lorenzo were colleagues at Northstar entertainment. Vega insisted that they had a deep bond, unique or stronger than with any of their other colleagues. When Takano disappeared, Vega insisted he had left a hidden message for Vega alone. Whether Takano returned Vega's affections is, and will remain, unknown.

Episode Appearances[]

Episodes Featuring Lorenzo Vega
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