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Nova Zolotovna is a Solar socialite and philanthropist.

Early Life[]

Nova was born extremely wealthy. She references being "from the middle-of-nowhere, Neptune." She became a "cash cow" for many pharmaceutical mega-corporations, including the Board of Fresh Starts, though she is not familiar with the practices of these organizations and could not name one of them off the top of her head.

It is implied she has had at least one failed engagement.


In Juno Steel and the Man in Glass, Nova throws an auction to sell her most valuable possessions for charity, but bids on her favorites herself so she can keep them. Among her chosen favorites is the Gilded Globe of Reaches Far, which Peter Ransom and Juno Steel have been assigned to steal from her. Ransom ends up flirting with her to cover the fact that they have stolen the Globe, and then fleeing.


Nova is exuberant, charismatic, and flirtatious. She knows how to work a crowd and enjoys talking to people. She thinks very highly of herself and has very little concept of when her ideas might not be practical or logical. Due to her massive fortune it she does not seem used to people declining her requests. It is clear that money is more of a means to an end to her, than something she really thinks about. She is not even aware where her money comes from. It also appears that her fascination with people, as for example Monsieur Dauphin is rather short lived.


"Madame Dauphin"[]

Nova thinks Madame Dauphin, Juno's alias at the auction, is scandalously irreverent and delightful to talk to. She tells him during their conversation that he might just be her new best friend. When Madame Dauphin offers Nova to buy off Monsieur Dauphin it seems that Nova is taking that offer quite seriously. However, she does appear less fond of him after Monsieur Dauphin, tells her that the Madame is tied to organized crime and holding him hostage in their marriage.

"Monsieur Dauphin"[]

Nova is immediately infatuated with the Monsieur, Ransom's alias at the auction, giving him money to leave his wife the Madame so that he can settle his debts and they can be together.

Episode Appearances[]

Episodes Featuring Nova Zolotovna
Season 3


  • Co-creator Kevin Vibert found the name Nova while looking for gender-neutral names that were suitably "space-y." Co-creator Sophie Takagi Kaner decided Nova would have a gendered last name "like in Russian" and chose Zolotov/Zolotovna because of what a mouthful it would make. [1]
  • Zolotov and Zolotovna are not an actual gendered name pair in Russian. The feminine version of Zolotov is Zolotova, and the masculine version of Zolotovna is Zolotovitch.