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Pilot Pereyra was the Mayor of Hyperion City for several years. They were widely known to be corrupt and did not seem particularly fazed by being viewed as such.

Early Life[]

Ever since they were younger, they dreamed of seeing the Free Dome.[1] They've held onto that dream for almost 40 years.


As mayor, Pereyra was notoriously corrupt, but still managed to erect several services for the city. For example, they set up the Pereyra School for Future Pilots, and Sparkhouse Stadium. They are also noted to be associated with the corruption in the Hyperion Police Force.

Mx. Pereyra's life goal was to find the Free Dome, a legendary Martian dome that was supposedly a safer, fairer city than Hyperion. With some light encouragement from The Piranha (acting on Ramses O'Flaherty's behalf), they blew off the final stretch of the mayoral election in pursuit of the Dome. After ignoring repeated warnings from of the descendants of the creator of the Dome, and putting Juno, Alessandra, and themself through numerous trials, they reached the site of the city only to find that it was gone, either weathered away by the sandstorms or just nonexistant to begin with. They were shot by The Piranha in the sand wastes and left for dead.


Though they were the previous Mayor of Hyperion City, they read more like a crime boss than a politician. Their platform has always played on the fear of people who live in a city beset by crime: they offer a strongarm response that everyone knows is corrupt, but has largely been successful based on the reasoning, “Well, at least the one on our side plays just as dirty as the bad guys.”


Charismatic, leadership like qualities. Cunning, meticulous.


Episode Appearances[]

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