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You did it in one day. One choice. When you let him in, when you let the hero rob us blind without taking a thing.

—Sarah Steel[src]

Sarah Steel was the mother of Juno Steel and Benzaiten Steel. Most of what is known about her is her history of physically and emotionally abusive behavior towards her kids, which eventually led to Ben's death.

Early Life[]

Like Juno, Sarah struggled with depression for most of her life. Until Juno and Ben were four years old, Sarah worked as a writer for Martian children's entertainment company Northstar Entertainment, creating beloved characters Turbo and, as it is revealed in Season 2, Andromeda, the Chain-Mail Warrior. When she lost her position at Northstar, the Steel family moved to Oldtown, where her mental health declined.


Before she lost her job, Sarah was known to have outbursts of anger and frustration; however, there were still moments of kindness and clarity. She also was known to be paranoid and aggressively locked the house door with a padlock every time she left. After she lost her job, she became very vengeful towards Northstar. She also became angry, abusive, and would frequently blame her children for wrongdoings up until her death.



Episode Appearances[]

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