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Victoria (Vicky) Valles is the owner of Valles Vicky's Vixen Valley, a ladies' and gentlemen's club by day and black marketplace by night. She first appears in Juno Steel and the Midnight Fox (Part 1).

Early Life[]

Vicky founded the Vixen Valley with the help of Ingrid Lake, her lover at the time. The pair were involved in several burglaries, the fencing of stolen goods, and possibly other criminal activities, some of which Vicky later grew to regret. Knowing they would be separated if they got caught, they made a suicide pact together, which they referred to as their "home beyond the stars."[1] Ingrid eventually went too far, killing an elderly woman during a solo burglary, which prompted Vicky to report her to the authorities. Vicky moved on, eventually marrying and having a child. Her relationship with Ingrid was finally resolved during the events of Juno Steel and the Midnight Fox (Part 1) & (Part 2).

Juno Steel found himself in a dark place after "a falling out,"[2] likely after the end of his engagement,[3] and often visited the Vixen Valley before running out of money and having to face Valles Vicky herself. According to Juno, he spent about 10 years paying off the debt. Vicky apparently wrote a work contract in invisible ink and asked for Juno's "autograph," a ploy he saw right through. He worked for her several times over the years, usually against his better judgement.


Vicky puts Juno back in contact with Peter Nureyev in return for his help in stopping Ingrid.[4]

Valles Vicky's Vixen Valley closes shop following the election of Ramses O'Flaherty.[5]




She has a wife as well as a young son."Valles Vicky's Vixen Valley" was intended to be a throwaway joke by Kevin, playing off of Valles Marineris. [6]

Episode Appearances[]

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  • Her wife can't know about this.